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Characteristics And Advantages Of 2.5d Round Edge Tempered Glass

Nov. 22, 2019

2.5D Round Edge Tempered Glass refers to the 2.5D arc design adopted for the edge of the screen protection glass of the mobile phone, only the arc design adopted for the edge of the screen glass. The screen is still a pure plane, and the protective glass-covered above the screen is a pure plane except for the edge part.

2.5d Round Edge Tempered Glass

Product characteristics:

1. Advanced 2.5D (arc surface) technology is adopted around and at the keyhole position, which has the characteristics of good hand feeling, anti breaking, easy point control, etc., and excellent visual effect.

2. After high-temperature tempering treatment, the surface hardness of the glass material reaches 8-9h, with strong impact resistance and is not easy to scratch.

3.0.4mm thick arc-shaped tempered glass, with fine cutting, is perfect. After installation, the touch is more agile, and the 2.5D arc impact effect makes the mobile screen more stereoscopic.

4. The fitting of high-end silicone resin film makes the toughened glass protective screen more complete and humanized, and even if it is broken, it will not splash everywhere.

5. The use of high-quality anti-static absorption film makes the product easy to fit and separate, and convenient to operate.

6. The oil drainage coating makes the product oil proof, acid-base proof, fingerprint-proof, eternal clear and clean.

7.2.5d tempered glass protective screen is highly transparent (light transmittance is more than 98%).

8. Long-time use, eyes are not easy to fatigue, better protection of vision.

2.5d Round Edge Tempered Glass

2.5D screen is not a screen glass material, but a glass named from shape and technology. The middle part of the 2.5D curved glass is a plane with the general 2D screen glass, but the difference is that its edge is a certain degree of arc, making the edge look like a water drop.


The main function of the 2.5D curved glass is to improve the visual effect of the screen and the overall body and at the same time enhance the hand feel. The surface of the mobile phone screen is covered with a 2.5D curved glass, which can make the surface of the mobile phone look like a water drop without overflowing, and has more visual tension, adding a lot of points to the visual expression of the mobile phone screen. In practice, there is a high probability of single hand-holding and thumb sliding the screen. When the user adopts this posture, the thumb sliding is not a plane but an arc, so the arc shape of the 2.5D screen is more in line with the ergonomic principle.

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