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What are the advantages of tempered glass mobile phone film?

Oct. 24, 2019

The surface of mobile tempered glass is hard enough to resist scratching, even if you take a knife on it and do not draw it, because the hardness of iron is lower than that of glass. Disadvantages: crisp. Hard things are made so thin, they are still relatively easy to break. If it is attached to a mobile phone and the screen is hit hard, the film itself will crack like a glass.

Explosion-proof and anti-scratch: It can prevent the accidental impact of the mobile phone, causing the broken and scattered glass panel, reducing the hidden damage of the glass panel and ensuring user safety. At the same time prevent accidental scratching, affecting the beauty of the phone.

Easy to use, no bubbles. The screen transmittance is as high as 98%. Does not affect the use of mobile phone sets and other mobile phone accessories.

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What are the advantages of tempered glass mobile phone film?cid=3