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How To Choose The Phone Case?

Dec. 12, 2019

There are many different types and styles of mobile phones on the market. How to choose a phone case has always been a challenge for buyers with selective phobias.To be honest, with the development of technology, it is difficult to analyze which case to buy from the appearance, because the design of these products is very aesthetic.

Liquid Silicon Cell Phone Cases

Liquid Silicon Cell Phone Cases

First, the material

Mobile phone shell materials are many, both hard and soft. Examples include tempered glass phone cases and emboss leather phone cases. Among them, Liquid silicon cell phone cases are the most common ones with the best comprehensive effect. Some people have experimented with throwing phones with the same height of a soft shell and a hard shell.The soft-shell phone has a better ability to protect the phone.Because the soft shell is soft and malleable enough, it can be buffered properly when hit to prevent the phone from being squeezed.So, if you're a handskater, it's best to choose a soft shell.

In addition, the soft shell fits better.After installation, the soft shell completely conforms to the shape of the phone, leaving no gaps.Some people may think that even if they don't fit the phone, they won't like it. However, if you use the ill-fitting case for a long time, you may find that the dirt and dust inside the case can be easily hidden. Once dust clogs part of the phone, it costs a lot to repair it.It can be seen that the fit of the phone case is more important. Silicone mobile phone shell installation and disassembly more convenient, and can be a portable set. However, hard cases often require brute force installation, which is more likely to hurt the phone.

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Tempered Glass Phone Cases

Second, the use

All-inclusive edge phone case is the most recommended!Because the phone's screen is cracked, the damage is often caused by the edges.Like an iceberg, a broken corner, then the whole iceberg will slowly collapse. .Many phones can now be packaged as a whole, but that's not enough. The four corners of the case are best thickened so that it can act as secondary protection. At the same time, the phone case must be thicker, at least 2-4mm thicker than the phone case.That way, when the phone lands vertically, it's less likely to get disconnected.Of course, it can't be too thick, which can affect the feeling.Generally, 7-9 mm is the best thickness. Also, pay attention not only to the edges of the screen, but also to the edges of the lens.The lens is the phone's eye.Must focus on protection.It must be fully packed and it must be thicker.Only when the edge of the camera is 3mm higher than the phone lens can the lens be effectively scratched. 

Three, the airbag

The airbag and the inside airbag are the same, the protection effect is remarkable.The best airbags are invisible airbags inside the phone's case, which can protect the phone without compromising its aesthetics or feel.