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The difference between mobile phone tempered film and mobile phone protective film

Oct. 16, 2019

Ordinary mobile phone film material is divided into: pp material, pvc material, pet material, arm material. It is a layer of plastic film, and the ordinary film can only prevent slight blemishes and dust. But the main material of ordinary HD film is PET.

Tempered film refers to the tempered glass protective film launched in the United States in 2012. The high-tech protective film specially designed to protect the screen of mobile phones is the high-end new product with the most enhanced protection for the protection screen. The hardness is 9H. It is 3 times that of ordinary film. The core material of the tempered glass film is: phone tempered glass. Only glass raw materials are imported and domestically produced. Imported glass materials can be used, 3D curved tempered glass mainly imported glass can achieve 95% transmittance and 50~70% bending.

The difference between mobile phone tempered film and mobile phone protective film


Each has its own advantages and disadvantages: the high-definition film production process is simple, the cost is low; the tempering film process is relatively complicated, and the cost is high. However, the high-definition film is also a drawback of the film made of PET, such as durability. However, the biggest disadvantage of tempered films is thickness. Ordinary mobile phone protective film can not protect the screen. Tempered glass protects the phone screen from cracking due to strong impact.

1. The main functions of tempered glass film are:

1 scratch resistance: tempered glass film is not like ordinary mobile phone protective film, good tempered glass film is difficult to draw obvious scratches on it.

2 anti-fingerprint: For the identification of anti-fingerprint, many people know that direct finger presses up, there is no fingerprint, no fingerprints.

3 Explosion-proof: This is a crucial thing, not only related to whether this mobile phone protective film can protect the screen of the mobile phone well, but also relates to your own safety. As we all know, hard things, the better the flexibility, the stronger the anti-strike ability.

4 fit degree: tempered film paste is actually a very particular issue. A good film will make it easier to stick small bubbles.

2. 9H is the hardness value achieved after glass tempering, which is the hardest value that can be achieved by tempered glass.

3. Tempered glass belongs to safety glass. The glass has very good wear characteristics and is very hard with a Vickers hardness of 622 to 701.

4. Tempered glass is actually a type of prestressed glass. In order to increase the strength of the glass, chemical or physical methods are usually used to form compressive stress on the surface of the glass. When the glass is subjected to external force, the surface stress is first offset, thereby improving the bearing capacity and strengthening the glass. Self-wind resistance, cold and heat, impact and so on.

5. The tempered glass protective film protects the highest security level of the mobile phone screen.

As a protective layer of the mobile phone screen, the tempered film can prevent the screen of the mobile phone from being scratched, scratched, broken, etc. Then, if the tempered film is broken, the phone tempered glass wholesaler teaches you how to take it off?

Mobile phone tempered film

Method 1: First, you can't scratch the screen of your phone with a sharp blade. Preparation tools, hot water of 80 degrees or more, cloth, alcohol (pharmacy 2 yuan 1 small bottle), a little scotch tape. Then start the action and smear the speaker and microphone with scotch tape to prevent water ingress. Start using hot water for 7-10 times, then you can tear it off by hand. If it is not completely, repeat it. Rub off the screen glue with alcohol, tear off the speaker hole and attach a new film. Of course, it is best to find a professional person to replace, more secure.

Method 2: When taking the tempered film, use the wide tape to first stick the top, then use the nail to draw a little bit inside, and pick up the tape, you can take off the whole piece of tempered glass film.

Method 3: A good quality mobile phone tempered protective film will appear a little blister as long as it is gently rubbed with a nail at the corners. Then you can tear off the protection directly, there will be no glue, it is easy and convenient. If it is a very cheap and protective film, you can carefully remove a corner with the tip of a sharp knife at the corner of the protective film, or use your hands to smash it.

The above is a few ways to remove the tempered film of the mobile phone, I hope to help everyone. Finally, it is best to buy tempered glass film to buy regular manufacturers' products. It is more secure in terms of clarity, light transmittance, hardness and materials. Inferior and fuzzy mobile phone film will affect vision.