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Features of toughened glass protective film for mobile phone

Jun. 11, 2019

As a Screen protector wholesale China, today we would like to share the features of toughened glass protective film for mobile phone for you.

In the current digital era, touch-screen mobile phones have become the fashion indicator of the young generation, and the protection of the touch screen of mobile phones has become a hot topic among the "phone enthusiasts". Small mobile phone screen film, there is a big knowledge to do? The answer is yes. The so-called "good horse with good saddle", "skill industry has specialized", the mobile phone tempered glass film is one of the best. In view of various mobile phone toughened glass protective film on the market at present, how should we choose and buy screen stick film?

Five features of toughened glass protective film:

1. Super anti scratch and wear resistance, hardness up to 9 h glass, ordinary film than the average 3 h hardness more scratch resistant, explosion-proof toughened protection by ultra-thin glass toughened glass of 2.5 D white glass and PU explosion-proof protective film, can fundamentally guarantee super wear-resisting the phone's screen, as early as our laboratory tests prove that under normal trial the main wear protective film will not scratch can ensure that 2 years.

2. The screen is more clear and transparent: our toughened film can achieve optical transmittance and ultra-low reflection, which can ensure the clear picture of the phone, highlight the three-dimensional sense, improve the visual effect, and truly achieve high clarity and high transmittance.

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3. Better anti-fingerprint trace: the toughened film surface polymer after special anti-fingerprint processing, fingerprint inhibition is greatly improved than the ordinary protective film. Of course, 100% fingerprint protection is impossible with current technology, but the application of toughened glass protective film can maximize the effect of fingerprint protection.

4. Smoother and more responsive to touch: tempered film can well eliminate the astringent feeling of ordinary mobile phone protective film. Yes, our touch sense is smoother, mobile phone operation is more fluent, mobile phone response is more sensitive.

5. Easy to use: the product is light and thin, beautiful and practical with dual functions of explosion protection and protection. It is convenient to fit with the touch of the mobile phone, and anyone can stick it.

When we buy a mobile phone, the first thing to do is to film the mobile phone, so as to prevent the mobile phone from being adversely affected by the outside world, to protect the mobile phone.

That's all for the sharing, thanks for your reading, and we also supply Full Cover Tempered Glass for sale, if you have any demand for our products, just feel free to contact us.