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Why is the screen so fragile?

Jun. 20, 2019

Why is the screen so fragile? After you read this artical shared by Full Cover Screen shield supplier, you will understand after seeing the glass cover technology.

We went to a glass cover manufacturer. Their customers include several well-known smartphone makers. After understanding, glass cover plate is produced in this way.

First of all, the glass cover plate into a piece of material, that is, the use of machines to process the glass cover plate into a variety of sizes suitable for the touch screen. The glass cover plate was chamfered and grooved. After completion, CNC finishing is carried out in the next process. This process is mainly to open the glass cover plate and milling out various steps. Then it goes to the next step. The effect of toughening is to improve the strength of glass cover plate itself. Which means more resistance to falls. A stress layer is usually formed on the surface of the glass cover by physical or chemical means. When the screen is subjected to external forces such as falling, in addition, the force layer can effectively protect the external force on the screen to avoid broken screen. If the effect of steel is not ideal, glass cover plate hardness and surface tension did not reach a certain performance index, not to say we all understand. Some netizens often make fun of the fact that certain brands of mobile phones are easy to break the screen. You can see why. Of course, mainly blame yourself, good phone why you can let it fall? The force of the fall was too great for the screen to help. After the steel is finished, go to the next process of polishing. The purpose of this process is to use the machine and polishing fluid to process the flatness and surface finish of the glass cover plate. After the completion of the next process screen printing coating. The purpose of this process is to print the ink on the glass cover, including the LOGO, by making a screen. Coating is coating several AR film on the glass surface. It can resist fingerprint, sweat stain, smudge, dizziness and brightness display. After these, the key craft is finished. The rest is cleaning, that is, the surface of the glass cover dirt, ink and other foreign bodies to clean. After the completion of full inspection, good packaging shipment.

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