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Mobile phone protective film type distinction

Apr. 30, 2019

Mobile phone protective film type distinction

Screen protector wholesale China shares that according to its use can be divided into: Screen protector,mobile phone screen protection film, mobile phone body protection film, daqin 150 film, anti-speculum film, mirror film, AR film, frosting film, scratch protection film, mobile phone body scratch protection film, mobile phone body decoration protection film;

According to its material can be divided into: mobile phone PC protective film, PVC protective film, PET protective film, AR protective film.

According to the principle of mounting can be divided into: adhesive protective film, electrostatic protective film (mainstream brand protective film are using this method) and so on.

The protective film can be divided into digital product protective film, automobile protective film, household protective film, food preservation protective film and so on.

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But with the popularity of mobile phones and other digital products in China, protective film has slowly become a screen protective film of a kind of general designation, and its function in the field of screen protective film is also multifarious, the earliest high-definition scratch-proof, functional protective film favored. From the earliest PP material to the current popular AR material, the material has experienced more than five years of development and has been gradually accepted by the majority of mobile phone groups.

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