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How to choose the mobile phone tempering film?

Sep. 10, 2019

How to choose the mobile phone tempering film? Following the 

Most people don't know how to choose the Explosion-Proof Tempered Glass of mobile phone. Today I will tell you how to choose tempered film.

Toughening film, water coagulation film in the end how to choose?

Now many people are seeing a new kind of membrane: a hydrocoagulant membrane. Can you choose this membrane? Two words: no choice.

Full Cover Tempered Glass wholesale China shares that the biggest disadvantage of the water coagulation film is that it is a film. The slides are tough and sometimes have rainbow lines. It's hard to paste. The only advantage is that the surface screen can be fully connected. However, there is currently a fully bonded steel film, so the hydrogel film cannot be purchased.

Three types of tempered film:

1. Full screen curved surface tempered film

3D Curved Tempered Glass USES the thermal bending process of glass, which has the advantages of aesthetics, but the disadvantages are expensive and the edges are fragile.

2. Non-full screen tempered film:

The advantages of these membranes are not fragile, but their aesthetic level is not as good as the former.

3. Soft edge tempered film:

The edge is made of plastic material, the display part is made of tempered glass, beautiful, cheap, not easy to scratch, the price is cheap.

3D Curved Tempered Glass


Suggest, if you are not short of money, go directly to the full screen surface of the steel film, if you are short of money, choose the latter two.

Three look, three don't look

Take a look at the thickness and material of toughening film of mobile phone. Generally speaking, the thickness of toughening film is within 0.2mm, the thinner the better, the more expensive.

See if there is a thin layer of oil on the phone. If you don't have a sparse reservoir, don't think about it.

Look at the hardness level of the tempered film. The 9H used by ordinary businessmen is not mohs hardness. You can ask the customer service service what is the hardness of the tempered film.

Do not look at whether there is anti-blue light, the advice is anti-blue light do not have to buy, blue light is pseudoscience, will also lead to color bias.

Don't look at the description of transmittance, many companies describe it as 97 or 99 percent, but the blue film itself filters blue light, where do you get that high transmittance?

Don't be wary of voyeurism, which generally does more harm than good. When you see these membranes, just close them.