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How to buy your favorite mobile screen protector ?

May. 09, 2019

How to buy your favorite mobile screen protector ?

After picking a phone, I struggled with the film on the screen. Some people think is not a layer of Screen protector buy from Screen protector factory China , choose a piece at will, 10 yuan, 20 yuan stick a piece at random ok. And some people are very true, will hear frosted good, will hear hd good, is really tangled. How to choose?

1. Good or bad, light transmission

There are many types of cell phone membranes, and prices vary widely. On the ground booth the common film between 2~5 yuan also has, this kind of protective film does not have what brand or use a specification commonly, its characteristic is film is thinner, stick on paper of a piece of electric light or another piece of plastic film. Its pervious to light is not very good, probably be in about 80%, when the screen is not bright, resemble a white mist to be attached to go up in screen, this kind of film nature does not suggest to buy, the effect is bad not to say, still injure screen and eye. It is recommended to choose a better light transmittance membrane, the price from 10 to 80 yuan, you can ask more.

The quality of the film depends on the light transmission, good film can reach 99%, such as electrostatic film

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2. Frosted or hd?

This is the most frequently asked question, regardless of who is better, to understand the difference between them. In terms of light transmittance, frosted is not as good as hd. But there's a downside to hd, too. Although also anti-fingerprint and high transparent but the price is expensive, such as imak film, about 60 yuan. The stand or fall of film sees his decision so, do not know how to choose really, so choose the price is expensive right.

3. The types of membranes should be distinguished

There are many kinds of mobile phone film, you can also choose your own film according to your needs for screen film.

We see the above introduction, should have a basic understanding of the protective film, in fact, we usually use high permeability film and frosted film is enough, and high anti-fingerprint film is also a very good choice, as for the anti-peeping film, mirror film on the individual needs!

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