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New technique: iphone Screen Protector

Nov. 08, 2019

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Iphone Screen Protector

If a mobile phone, especially a more expensive one like the iPhone, falls to the ground accidentally, we will check the screen immediately after picking it up. Maybe considering that users spend too much to repair the screen, apple is currently developing a new iphone Screen Protector that can effectively prevent the screen damage.

The new patent is called "active screen electronic protection device" and has been approved by the U.S. patent and Trademark Office.

The basic idea of the patent is to equip the iPhone or similar electronic devices with multiple scalable tags. When the system is activated, it will automatically extend four buffers to the top of the screen, and a part higher than the screen, reducing the probability of screen contact with the ground. In some cases, the protector can form a curved surface above the screen to absorb the energy generated by the drop. In fact, Apple has invented similar intelligent shock absorber designs in many ways.

These protruding curved devices can fix all sides of the screen, and they can also be made of different materials. Apple says it can use polymers, thin metal sheets and other matching materials. The internal mechanism is similar to gear transmission, each motor is connected with a pinion, and then multiple gears are also connected with each other, turning local rotation into linear motion. Or it can be directly connected to the interface of the mobile screen.

Iphone Screen Protector

The task of identifying when to extend is given to the sensor inside the iPhone. Through positioning sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope or environment detector, height sensor, etc., the mobile phone can be detected to be in the falling state. In addition, apple said that even the camera can identify the distance activation device from the ground through special software. At the same time, there is a built-in audio component that can detect that the falling speed has been activated by the reflection of the emitted ultrasonic pulse.

After the sensor detects that the device is descending, the extender of the protector will extend to absorb energy, and the system will use the sensor to detect the movement again to stop. Once the descent is over, the screen protector will return to the default position.

Apple has applied for many device protection patents in the past few years, which are related to both hardware and software. In fact, compared with the use of complex transmission and mechanical scheme, the material reform is also a way to prevent equipment damage. For example, on the latest iPhone 6S, in addition to the 3D touch function, it also improves the scratch resistance and damage resistance of the device surface.