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Do You Need The Phone Tempered Glass?

Jan. 09, 2020

At present, the price of a mobile phone is relatively high, because the cost of the mobile phone has increased, so the price of the mobile phone has naturally risen. The highest price of mobile phone accessories should be the mobile phone screen. The screen material used in mobile phones is still very good, so the price of this repair is relatively high, such as Samsung, if Samsung ’s The curved screen is broken, and the price of replacing the screen of this phone can buy another one or two thousand phones. In the case of such high-cost repairs, we have also become more careful in the process of using the mobile phone. We take great care of the screen. Except for users who like to use the bare metal, basically they will protect the mobile phone screen to the greatest extent Put a piece of clothing on the screen of your phone without harming it, that is, attach a tempered film to your phone to buy a new phone 2020. Do you need to paste a tempered film? Phone tempered glass wholesaler talks about this problem.

 Phone Tempered Glass

 Phone Tempered Glass

Benefits of attaching a tempered film to a mobile phone: Pasting a phone tempered glass can effectively avoid the wear of the oleophobic layer of our mobile phone, and can also reduce scratches on the screen of the mobile phone. It is relatively new, so even if it is used for sale, because the quality of the mobile phone is newer, the price will be higher than that of a mobile phone with a scratched screen. And it can indeed ensure the security of the screen of the mobile phone to a large extent. Sometimes the mobile phone is dropped, the tempered film is broken, but the screen is not broken, which saves the cost of replacing the screen of the mobile phone. But it is much cheaper than a mobile phone screen.

The disadvantages of attaching a protective film to a mobile phone: First of all, some unqualified tempered films are attached to the screen of the mobile phone, and the white edge is very serious, which affects the overall aesthetics of our mobile phone. Of course, this is only required for some screens with higher requirements In some cases, there are curved screens. Now many places are not suitable for curved screens, because this requirement is really too high, and ordinary screens are slightly better. Secondly, the toughened film of the mobile phone is very important to the heat dissipation of the mobile phone. If the heat dissipation of the mobile phone is not good, the process of using the mobile phone will cause the mobile phone to freeze. Thirdly, it will affect the original light transmittance of the mobile phone, such as some inferior quality tempered film, and it will also make the screen display of the mobile phone blurred or deformed. It will easily cause fatigue to our eyes in the long term. It takes more time to use, and eye fatigue is a normal thing, but this situation will be aggravated after applying a tempered film.

The above is to organize the benefits and disadvantages of explosion-proof tempered glass for everyone. Although the benefits are tempting, there are also many disadvantages. Whether to attach a tempered film depends on your own needs. It’s better to choose a better quality tempered film. If you don’t want to stick a tempered film, we usually need to protect our mobile phone screen. In fact, the hardness of mobile phone screens is relatively high.

I believe that after reading this article, many users will still choose to stick a tempered film, which seems to seek a psychological comfort, and it seems that buying a film on a mobile phone has become a necessary thing.