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What does the Development of Mobile Phone Toughening Film Depend On?

Feb. 05, 2020

Phone tempered glass supplier to share with you: In this very fast-developing society, it seems that people no longer like to communicate face-to-face with friends as they used to. Now, people rarely visit the door during Chinese New Year. Maybe because of the development of the times, people started to use mobile phones more for some simple socializing.

Therefore, the mobile phone has become an inseparable partner, and everyone uses it almost every day, and with the gradual increase of the function of the mobile phone, the frequency of people's use of the mobile phone is also increasing. Therefore, choosing a good mobile phone protective film for your mobile phone has become a very important thing. Then there will be many friends who use mobile phones to suggest which types of mobile phone protection film, in fact, there are many types, which can be divided into four materials, there are pp material, pvc material and phone tempered film material Common materials. Of course, different materials and different mobile phones use different materials.

So among the many types of protective films today, which is the best for mobile phone protection films? The manufacturer of mobile phone tempered film wholesale recommends to you that the tempered glass mobile phone film. Although mobile phones are not often updated, mobile phone films have been changed from generation to generation. After using many types of film, many people think that the protective film made of tempered glass is the best, because using this material not only is not easy to be scratched, but also avoids fingerprints left on the screen after using the phone. , And the material of tempered glass makes the phone look more texture.

Screen Protector

Screen Protector

What is the development of screen protector wholesale china?

This is a question with no fixed answer, because it is not only a stimulus product for the development of mobile phones, but also a product with mature process technology, but also the demand of the market economy. The emergence of technology products must be compatible with the economic development of this era. In the process of continuous innovation and development of mobile phones, the tempered film of mobile phones is also constantly developing and updating.

The materials used are constantly improving, and the technology is constantly improving:

PP protective film, strong corrosion resistance and poor scratch resistance;

PVC protective film, good tackiness, not light transmission;

PET protective film with high light transmittance but hard texture;

Tempered glass protective film is currently the mainstream on the market.

However, no matter what material the mobile phone tempered film is, it is the product of a certain period of development. At the current stage, with the emergence of folding screen mobile phones, mobile phone toughened film is also facing a new round of challenges.

After the release of the folding screen mobile phone, the development of the mobile phone toughened film industry will definitely be stimulated to a certain degree. In this stimulus, in order to meet the needs of the market, the main manufacturers of mobile phone tempered film must also compete technically in order to maintain an invincible state on the battlefield of this "folding film".