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Do You Know Private Tempered Glass?

Jan. 17, 2020

Maybe you don’t know that when smart phones are not popular, there are already films, but they are plastic, the effect is to protect the screen from scratches. After all, the basic indicator of the quality of mobile phones in that era was that they can be no matter what the situation is. Power on.

Still remember that when the junior high school, the teacher confiscated the mobile phone at the same table, and then put a bucket full of water on the podium, throw the mobile phone confiscated in the class, take it by yourself after class, and use it. It can be turned on in water, it is also 66, and the film pasted was also soft.

Until the emergence of touch screen phones, the phone became a glass artwork.

Semi-covered is only covering the flat part of the screen of the mobile phone, and the edges of the curved surface are directly ignored, which can avoid the situation of white edges around. This semi-covered film feels fatal to obsessive-compulsive disorder, and it is difficult to completely protect the curved edges of the screen and the buffer area of the screen and the frame. It's up to you.

Full coverage and full lamination film, that is, the entire screen full cover screen shield, but it cannot protect the fragile mobile phone screen edge.

3D Curved Screen shield, The glass of the 3D curved tempered film is transformed into a true bend by cold-engraving or hot-bending, which completely covers the edge of the screen of the mobile phone.

Full Cover and Full Fit Soft Edge 3D Tempered Film: It is really a super long name. The longer it is, the more useful it feels. The biggest feature of the soft edge 3D toughened film is that the flat part is glass and the edge fit part is plastic. It is resistant to falling and not fragile. It is the most comprehensive and durable.

Iphone xs privacy screen shield supplier introduces a very special tempered film. Now everyone needs to look at the mobile phone when there is anything outside, especially when passing time on the bus and subway. La! How close are people to being hot next to each other? Others, consciously or unintentionally, can easily see our mobile phone screen! I hate it too! Especially when chatting with friends or objects, I really don't want to show my privacy to others! So pinch, the anti-peeping tempered film works!

This anti-peeping tempered film is really anti-peeping! Its scientific principle is to pass a filter so that the screen can only be viewed from the front. As the viewing angle deviates from the center, the screen will become darker until it becomes completely black. Specifically, only the person facing the screen of the phone, that is, you, can see the screen of the phone clearly; once the angle of sight is viewed from the side, that is, the person next to you, this person is Can't see or see your phone screen! Isn't it great! I took a few soap tablets and a moving picture for everyone to see. Especially moving pictures, you can understand at a glance!

This group of ours is currently the best quality Apple privacy film on the market! I feel positive looking at my screen as if I hadn't posted it! Very clear! Nothing changed! It uses polarized glass material to make the screen of the phone very clear when used only at vertical angles, to prevent peeping, to ensure that the color of the screen is restored, and the light is transmitted uniformly without hurting the eyes! The poor quality anti-peeping mobile phone film, one is that the anti-peeping effect is not good, the other is that it will affect the screen display effect, the light transmission is poor, the screen color is distorted, and there will even be "rainbow patterns", which hurts the eyes!

In addition, the surface uses the technology of Merkel's oleophobic layer, hydrophobic, oil-resistant and fingerprint-resistant. I feel that after applying this anti-peeping tempered film, my mobile phone screen will obviously be less oily and not so easy to leave fingerprints. Because your finger touches the screen every day, your fingers also secrete human oil, so the screen is stained with oily fingerprints, which is normal, but it will be much better after this.

It is a privacy film and a toughened film. Oil-proof and explosion-proof, effectively resist sharp objects. Protect your phone screen while preventing others from peeping.

Explosion-Proof Tempered Glass

Explosion-Proof Tempered Glass