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Teach You To Remove The Bubbles In The Phone Sticker

Dec. 17, 2019

In order to protect the smart phone screen, everyone likes to stick film on the screen, because the film needs a certain amount of technology, not good will produce bubbles. Today phone tempered glass wholesaler is going to teach you how to remove bubbles from your sticker.

 Explosion-Proof Tempered Glass

 Explosion-Proof Tempered Glass

Removal method of plastic film bubbles:

1. Preparation tools: scissors, scotch tape, and a small piece of cloth

2. First, use a small piece of cloth to push off the bubble that can be squeezed out.Fold the cloth and use its edges to push the bubbles.

3. There are still bubbles left that cannot be pushed off.Why can't they be pushed off?Because there's dust, this is the dust that's forming bubbles in it, and we're going to take out the ash method so we can get rid of the bubbles.

4. Cut the sellotape one to two inches long and attach it to the film next to the dust bubble. Then cut a small piece of sellotape with the adhesive facing up.

4. Cut the sellotape one to two inches long and attach it to the film next to the dust bubble. Then cut a small piece of sellotape with the adhesive facing up.

5, at this time with a hand to pull up attached to the transparent tape on the film, with it to pull the film up a seam, as long as the pull a seam, can let the other hand of the tape into it, here in order to let you see clearly, pull some big, pull too big easy to enter more dust.

6. After pulling up, you can see whether the film is stuck with dust or the phone screen is stuck with dust. Look carefully, the dust is very small.The dust sticks out and you can see there are no bubbles.We remove the other dust in the same way.

Removal method of tempered film bubbles:

Method 1: blow with hair dryer

The idea is to use the heat of a hair dryer to soften the explosion-proof tempered glass, blowing the bubbles with hot air for a while and then holding them down hard for a while, repeatedly making it easier for the Tempered Glass to fit on the screen.

Advantage: bubbles in the screen near the easy to remove.

Disadvantages: grasp the time and heat blowing is not good, easy to break the screen.The effect of this method with one method is better.

Method 2: clip with a clip

Find a clip with a relatively large clamping force. Before going to bed at night, clip the bubble on the edge of the phone screen. Clip it all night.

Advantages: simple, easy to find and buy tools.

Disadvantages: accidentally slippage, mobile phone edge will be clip iron edge scratches, the building is so accidentally hurt the mobile phone paint.

Method 3: use human lubricant or liquid glue

The phenomenon is that there are bubbles on the edge of the screen all the time, when you press down, the bubbles are gone at that time, but they will reappear later.The bubbles are often found at the edge of the Screen, and air is always allowed to enter through the gap between the mobile phone screen protector and the screen.

To use it, take a small amount of liquid and apply it to an object like a toothpick. Gently push the bubbles away from the edges, forcing the liquid to flow slowly into the bubbles and filling the space between the screen and the toughened film.Don't forget to press the bubbles while you're at it.But there is a technical requirement.