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Safety Performance of Tempered Glass Protective Film

Mar. 30, 2020

The main body of the screen protector is a hard piece of glass. It is a high-tech protective film specially designed to protect the screen. It is a high-end new product with enhanced protection for protecting the screen. Today's mobile phone film market is also more popular and is well received and loved by consumers. The thickness of this protective film is mainly 0.4 mm, 0.3 mm, and even 0.2 mm has appeared, which is considered to be an ultra-thin category. It can prevent damage from external forces, scratches, and increase shock absorption, which is 5 times higher than the standard of PET protective film. If it is really hit or dropped from a high place, the first thing to break is the tempered glass film instead of the mobile phone.

Tempered glass protective film is a new type of mobile phone protective film, which is a new product with enhanced protection for protecting the screen. The existing glass film has a shorter construction period than removing the old glass and replacing it with new glass, which is easy to operate and more environmentally friendly. Use existing glass to upgrade its heat insulation and safety performance. It can also prevent the fading of indoor carpets, curtains, fabrics, and paints, effectively protect indoor furniture, computers and other office equipment and extend their service life.

The general thermal insulation film also has certain safety enhancement functions and also has the adhesive holding performance of the laminated (adhesive) glass. Its safety is better than tempered glass, and the safety of professional safety film is stronger.

Custom Anti Glare Screen Protector

Custom Anti Glare Screen Protector

This kind of glass protective film has a tempered transparent glass or a tinted glass with a heat reflective film, which saves 50% of the total cost than replacing the heat reflective glass. The rest can be analogized, for example, the original ordinary insulating glass with a heat reflective film or low radiation. After the film is upgraded to hollow heat-reflecting coated glass or hollow low-emission coated glass, respectively.

The mounting glue in the custom anti glare screen protector contains a UV (ultraviolet) absorber, which blocks 98% -99% of ultraviolet rays. If it is replaced with insulating glass or insulating glass, the total weight of the two pieces of glass plus the hollow portion will double or more, which will greatly increase the building load.

Its great hardness, scratch resistance, impact resistance, and anti-friction ability are its advantages. The ordinary film will be worn after a period of time, and the tempered glass film does not scratch the surface with a blade. It has been treated with 9H hardness. This is a very high level of scratch resistance index. At the same time, the surface is treated with an anti-fingerprint oiling process, which can prevent oil and fingerprint invasion. And it will not affect the video effect of the screen, the picture is highly transparent and clear. Tempered glass film can completely cover the mobile phone screen without affecting the use of mobile phone cases and other mobile phone accessories. Now it can be made into a blue light-resistant tempered glass film that blocks blue light and protects the eyes. I have to admire the continuous innovation of a seemingly simple mobile phone film product, which has started to bring more benefits to people.