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[Screen protector for sale]A few common phone screen saver tips

May. 17, 2019

Three, pay attention to carry way, method

Full Cover Tempered Glass wholesale China shares that nowadays  almost everyone carries a mobile phone in different ways, but many methods will increase the probability of phone shell damage, such as the current habit of putting the mobile phone in the pocket next to the pants, if you accidentally sit down to the mobile phone, or walking when the phone was squeezed and fell to the ground, will cause damage to the mobile phone. Some people are used to putting the pocket before the bosom, little imagine is in when bending over careless, mobile phone can fall on the ground. While most female friends are accustomed to keep their mobile phones in their carry-on bags, and the keys, cosmetics and other items in the process of moving will constantly rub against the mobile phone, causing serious wear and tear on the shell.

Four, how to eliminate the phone screen scratches

Actually a lot of small doohickey can tell us mobile phone had Nick to be able to use toothpaste to wipe, but actually a lot of friends try hind can feel the effect is not ideal, it is the problem of filling material only, that we change filling material good. Polishing paste is a good choice, general hardware stores can buy polishing paste contains a certain degree of diamond, in terms of hardness, can basically meet all the screens supplied by the Full Cover Screen protector factory China in the market, at the same time the price can also be accepted by most people, the price should not be more than 30 yuan.

Full Cover Tempered Glass wholesale China

A filler, and the rest is the method of repair, about repair methods, also do not need to actually small make up to do more, its associated with making gold sample method similar to the screen scratches place to make use of polishing cloth constantly to wipe, if there is no polishing cloth, you can also use a small piece of silk or cloth clip figure, but remember, must not with a yarn feeding cloth. Before wiping, bear in mind will polish cloth wet, must twist off redundant moisture nevertheless, want to let polish cloth maintain certain humidity only can. Then the right amount of some polishing paste, in the area with scratches to wipe and polish, remember not to use too much strength, because the hardness of the ingredients contained in the polishing paste may be higher than the hardness of the screen mohs, too hard may affect the smooth surface of the mobile phone. In the whole process of polishing and polishing, you must ensure the wet degree of the polishing cloth. Remember to observe it every time you polish it. After a while, you will find that your screen has taken on a new look.