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How to Tear Off the Protective Film of Mobile Phone?

Apr. 09, 2020

The phone tempered glass supplier teaches you how to tear off the tough tempered film.

Hair dryer method

Wrap the phone with a piece of cloth, and then blow it back and forth against the phone with the minimum wind of the hair dryer, especially in the corners, just 1 minute.

Nail technique

If the 3d curved screen protector used is of good quality, you only need to pry up one of the edges with your nails, and when the bubbles appear on the screen, you can directly tear it from bottom to top. Grasp the intensity so as not to break or shatter.

3d Curved Screen Protector

3d Curved Screen Protector

Sharp Object Method

A piece of cloth, and a pair of sharp scissors, the role of the cloth is very simple, is to wrap the hands to prevent injuries, after all, the glass slag is too sharp. The role of scissors is more direct, that is, to replace other unreliable sharp tools such as other used knives.

Scissors, because of their special structure, can provide strong protection for the screen of the mobile phone. Of course, do n’t scratch it vertically. I think that scissors are a weapon to deal with this stubborn toughened film, it can be said to completely restrain it! Speaking of this, it is estimated that you also know the method. Wrap the cloth in your hand. Then use scissors to start from a corner of the phone.

Be slow at the beginning! Yes, slowly, patiently, carefully but with a bit of brute force to pry the corner, this time, the tempered film will be as expected, the glass slag is flying across, this time it is not your cloth to protect A protected hand, but a window to your heart, eyes! Then continue to slowly pry this steel damn rigid film. At this time, pay attention to it, don't tear it by hand because a little film has been cut, if you do, congratulations, give up your previous merits, continue to cut! Be sure to use a hand wrapped with cloth to pull when the tempered film is one-third or more, and as the glass slag continues to fly, after about 1 minute, congratulations, successful take This damn toughened film!

Scotch tape method

Stick the speaker hole and microphone hole of the mobile phone with transparent tape, and then soak the-cloth with hot water, wring it out, cover the cloth on the mobile phone and apply hot compress, about 7-10 minutes, the mobile phone film will gradually soften Finally, gently peel off your hands. It is worth noting that you should pay attention to skills when tearing the phone film, and don't scratch the phone screen. If there is residual colloid after tearing off the cell phone film, you can gently wipe the screen with alcohol.