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Common tempered film A&Q

Aug. 08, 2019
  • What is high permeability scratch resistant tempered film

High permeability scratch-resistant tempered film:

Features: AGC original imported material and steel treatment, product hardness up to 9H, high resistance to scratch, knife, key, nails are not afraid. Silica gel automatic adsorption, can be reused with water, environmental protection and no pollution.

Product advantages: anti-shock, anti-impact, anti-explosion, anti-oil pollution, anti-scratch, high stability, good cost performance, suitable for high-end consumers.

  • Identify several angles of the phone's protective film

Toughened glass protective film of mobile phone by Full Cover Screen protector factory China as a new type of mobile phone intimate "coat", by the majority of consumers love, so, inevitably caused by some pace elements opportunistic, using some quality unqualified products to make up for the number, so, now huitong to teach you how to identify:

1, think in terms of fingerprints. If you put your phone on the phone's membrane and find fingerprint residue, it will not be protected, and vice versa. Also, to check how well your fingerprint is protected, you can put a few drops of water on the phone's membrane. If it doesn't fall apart, or if it rolls by shaking but the water doesn't fall apart, it won't leave a trace, which means the quality of your phone's protective membrane is good.

High permeability scratch-resistant tempered film

Full Cover Tempered Glass wholesale China

2, from the point of view to prevent scratching, if you use your fingernail gently scratch back and forth on the protective film of the phone, will not leave traces that the quality is good, on the contrary, you are fooled.

3, from the mobile phone protective film and mobile phone screen fit, a good tempered protective film is easy to stick on, and will not appear size bubbles.

The above three points are a few angles by Full Cover Tempered Glass wholesale China to identify the phone membrane, hope to help you choose.

  • What is the thickness of hot bending soft edge tempered film?

The thickness of the soft edge of the hot-bending tempered film on the glass is below 0.006MM, and the thickness of the soft edge film is 0.006-0.008MM.