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What kind of tempered film should the mobile phone stick?

Aug. 29, 2019

What kind of tempered film should the mobile phone stick? Following the Full Cover Tempered Glass wholesale China would like to share with us.

Should the mobile phone stick film or not? Can film protect mobile phone effectively?

And the toughened film on the market, from a treasure 9.9 three pieces, to the brand official one or two hundred pieces, price quality is uneven. First, to answer one of the most frequently asked questions:

Expensive tempered film must be good?

The answer is not necessarily.

It can be seen that the price and quality is not directly proportional to, want to identify the quality of tempered film, or need to personally test.

So, the advantages and disadvantages of tempered film can be distinguished from what aspects?

Thin oil layer:

The hydrophobic layer is the main factor that affects the handle and whether the fingerprint is easily left.

Feel after you get the new 3D Curved Tempered Glass can feel. A good tempered film with hydrophobic layer will feel smooth and smooth, while a poor tempered film will feel tough when touched and slid.

It can also be judged by the residue of fingerprints in daily use and how easy it is to clean them.

Another measure of how good a trap is is a "drop corner".

2.5D Round Edge Tempered Glass


Simply put, this is what happens when you drop water onto a tempered film like this. A good toughened film of a hydrophobic layer causes water droplets to condense into rounded droplets, while a poor toughened film causes water droplets to form a pool.

After watching the drops, the water on the screen can be tilted to let the drops slide without drying.

A good toughened film in the hydrophobic layer will leave no trace after the water drops slip, while a poor toughened film will leave water traces like the one above.

Hardness and toughness:

As we all know, tempered film material is tempered glass, glass hardness is the most important factor to play a protective role. But the harder the glass, the more brittle it will be. So toughness is also an important index to judge the quality of tempered film.

At the same time of bending, feel the resistance of the 2.5D Round Edge Tempered Glass to bending behavior. The hardness of the toughened film that is too easy to bend is not enough, and the protection ability of the mobile phone will also be reduced.

Good tempered film, that is, will not be easily bent, after bending will not be easily broken.

Fragmentation protection:

Fragmentation protection is mainly to investigate the explosion - proof layer of tempered film, the method is to observe the tempered film after fragmentation.

Good tempered film fragmentation, crack fine, fracture shape intact, no debris splash.

The poor tempered film, will produce fragments after fragmentation, and sharp edges and corners, it is conceivable that such a tempered film in the use of the way broken words, is very dangerous, sharp Angle will scratch hands and feet, splashes to the eyes and other important parts of the consequences is unimaginable.