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2.5d Tempered Glass And Anti Glare Screen

Dec. 05, 2019

We are a 2.5D Tempered Glass supplier. We have a professional R&D team and advanced production technology system. We will vigorously develop new product development, for the Screen and the Device provides perfect protection solutions.

2.5D tempered glass is a specially treated reinforced glass, which has very strong scratch resistance and wear resistance. Why it's called 2.5D glass? It's special that the edge of the whole glass is smooth. The smooth edge is more anti-collision, safer and durable than the right angle edge.

2.5d Tempered Glass

Product characteristics:

1. Advanced 2.5D (arc surface) technology is adopted around and at the key hole position, which has the characteristics of good hand feeling, anti breaking, easy point control, etc., and excellent visual effect.

2. After high temperature tempering treatment, the surface hardness of the glass material reaches 8-9h, with strong impact resistance and is not easy to scratch.

3.0.4mm thick arc-shaped toughened glass, with fine cutting, is perfect. After mounting, the touch is more agile, and the 2.5D arc impact effect makes the mobile screen more three-dimensional.

4. The fitting of high-end silicone resin film makes the toughened glass protective screen more complete and humanized, and even if it is broken, it will not splash everywhere.

5. The use of high-quality anti-static absorption film makes the product easy to fit and separate, and convenient to operate.

6. The oil drainage coating makes the product oil proof, acid-base proof, fingerprint proof, eternal clear and clean.

7. 2.5d tempered glass protective screen is highly transparent (light transmittance is more than 98%).

Long time use, eyes are not easy to fatigue, better protection of vision.

Is the anti glare screen good?

"Glare" is a kind of bad lighting phenomenon, which not only affects the mobile phone and the computer screen, but also affects the vision health. Anti glare display can effectively reduce this effect, even in the sun can see the LCD screen. How about anti glare screen?

Anti Glare Screen

Anti glare screen is certainly good, better eye protection, but the price must be more expensive. Anti glare is also called anti glare technology. The high light screen can be used as a mirror when the laptop is turned off and the screen reflects light. The anti glare screen is what we usually call the sanding screen. It has good visual protection and is suitable for long-term use.

A layer of anti glare screen film is sandwiched on the anti glare display screen. This layer is composed of tiny coarse particles, which absorb light and make it not reflect light. When the computer is turned on, the light will not glare when it shines on him. Anti glare screen is mainly to reduce the reflection of light, which can protect eyes very well, especially for people who stare at computers and mobile phones for a long time. After a long time, their eyes will prick. The anti glare screen is to solve this problem.