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Operation instruction of tempered glass film laser machine

Jul. 01, 2019

Operation instruction of tempered glass film laser machine shared by Full Cover Tempered Glass wholesale China.

1. Purpose:

In order to ensure the quality of products and protect the safety of operators and equipment, this instruction is specially formulated.

2. Scope of application:

Suitable for laser machine operation.

3. Operation steps:

3.1 preparation before homework:

3.1.1 wear gloves and necessary labor protection articles.

3.1.2 check whether the power supply is stable. If there is power or power failure, it is not appropriate to start the machine

3.1.3 lubricate the machine and move the machine every day before starting the machine.

3.1.4 discharge sewage from air compressors, coolers and machine tools.

3.2 in the homework:

3.2.1 check whether the computer programming is correct.

3.2.2 check whether the laser cutting light seam is vertical

3.2.3. Before processing each project sheet, it is necessary to see clearly the requirements of the work sheet and first adjust the parameters of the laser machine.

3.2.4 when the laser machine is working, pay attention to safety and try not to rely on the laser; Do not put your hand into the laser head.

3.2.5. The processed products shall be checked for qualification.

Full Cover Tempered Glass

4. Precautions:

4.1. Clean the machine to keep it clean and tidy: clean the machine surface and maintain it every Sunday.

4.2. The processed products shall be placed neatly in the designated containers and delivered to the next process after quality confirmation.

4.3 the site around the machine must be kept clean, and the waste materials are loaded into the waste canister, and the surrounding cleaning workers are clean.

4.4 check the power supply after each operation. The machine must cut off the electricity and gas, so the tool should be returned to the original position.

4.5. Check lubricating oil and maintain regularly

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