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[Tempered Glass supplier China]A few common phone screen saver tips

May. 14, 2019

A few common phone screen saver tips by iphone Tempered Glass supplier China.

Touch screen mobile phone used for several years, do not know how you protect your mobile phone screen? In order to help you better step closer to understand the protection of mobile phone screen a few small common sense, Full Cover Screen protector factory China specially summarized some knowledge to share with you, I hope to give you help.

One, use mobile phone case or protective case

The protective cover is equivalent to adding an additional piece of anti-collision armor to the phone, which can effectively reduce the wear and tear on the phone's shell and reduce the damage to the phone when it falls down or encounters water. Of course, this does not mean that the phone with a protective case will not fire water invasion, in the use and placement must still maintain a certain degree of care to avoid damage to the phone. If the leather is not conducive to the summer phone heat can buy some good quality water cover or crystal shell, the same can play a role in protecting the phone.


Two, away from high temperature, electromagnetic environment

Factors such as high temperatures or sudden changes in temperature are also natural enemies that can shorten the service life of mobile phones. High temperature will make mobile phone plastic parts, internal circuit board, battery deformation, or even melting, and the change in temperature difference, can lead to cold air condensation of moisture inside the mobile phone, damage, corrosion of the circuit and battery. Especially direct sunlight, but can cause explosion hazards such as batteries, cell phone at the same time internals will lose life, because of the high temperature phone via wireless signal propagation, itself has a magnetic, at the same time both in sound and microphone cover electromagnetic induction, so don't let the phone often contact much dust, in order to avoid mobile phone speakers sound hole to inhale too much dust, causing an earpiece voice become smaller, even can't hear.