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How to remove the Tempered Glass?

Jul. 19, 2019

How to take down mobile phone toughening film? Here the Full Cover Tempered Glass wholesale China would like to share with us.

Toughened film refers to the toughened glass protective film launched in the United States in 2012. It is a high-tech protective film specially designed to protect the mobile phone screen. It is a high-end new product with the most intensive protection for the screen.

As the protective layer of the mobile phone screen, the toughened film can prevent the mobile phone screen from being scratched, scratched, broken etc., then, if the toughened film is broken, how to take it off?

Toughened film of mobile phone

Full Cover Tempered Glass wholesale China

Method 1: first of all, do not scratch the phone screen with a razor blade. Prepare tools, hot water above 80 degrees Celsius, cloth one piece, alcohol (drugstore 2 yuan 1 vial), a little scotch tape. Then begin by taping off the speaker and microphone to prevent water from entering. Start to apply hot water to the screen for 7-10 times, and then tear it off by hand. If it is not complete, repeat it. Use alcohol to remove the screen glue, tear off the speaker and microphone hole tape, and put on the new film. Of course, it is better to find a professional replacement, more secure.

Method 2: when taking tempered film, such as the IPHONE 3D Curved Tempered Glass, use that kind of wide adhesive tape to stick coping above all, delimit a bit to inside with fingernail next, take advantage of the opportunity and lift adhesive tape, can take down the tempered glass film of whole piece.

Method three: good quality phone toughened protective film as long as the use of nails in the corner of the gently pick, it will appear a little vesicle. Then the protection can be directly torn off, there will be no glue on, very easy and convenient. If the protective film is very common and cheap, you can carefully pick out a corner with the tip of a very sharp knife at the edge of the protective film, or keep digging with your hand, you can take off the forehead.

The above is a few ways to remove the toughening film of mobile phone, hope to help you. Remind finally, buy toughened glass film to had better be the product that buys regular manufacturer, have safeguard more in the respect such as rate of clarity, pervious to light, hardness, material, inferior and fuzzy mobile phone sticks film to be able to affect eyesight.