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The Three Most Important Parts in the Production of Mobile Phone Cases

Apr. 24, 2020

Today I would like to share with you how the most basic materials for mobile phone cases are made.

Many friends know that you can print or process patterns with the bottom case, and also know some mobile phone case structures, but how to produce the most basic mobile phone case? I don't know if you have any concepts.

Let me talk about the production of the three most important basic parts of the protection phone cases wholesale.

1 raw material

There is no raw material for the mobile phone case. This raw material has different raw material attributes such as pc, abs, and tpu. Then the direct raw materials are usually processed in transparent colors. If you want other colors, you need to add dye powder. In addition, black is generally used black powder and other materials.

2 mold

The mold is the key to the formation of the mobile phone shell. The mold development master draws the cavity shape on the round iron block of the mold according to the data requirements. You can understand that it is to dig some vacancies and then combine the two iron blocks to make the material Mobile is full of that vacancy, that is the mobile phone case.

3 injection molding machine

The injection molding machine is used to make the raw material of the mobile phone case into a body fluid state by heating. The injection mold is probably on a high-quality mobile phone case. It is generally less than 30 seconds for more than 20 seconds. Thousands, does it sound like you can make a fortune, but it may not be as ideal as you think.

Protection Phone Cases

Protection Phone Cases

Because in the production process of protection phone cases, various unforeseen problems occur from time to time, at this time, mold masters, production monitors, and machine operators are all cautious because when problems occur, they are not aware. Classes produce waste. Therefore, production is always a very rigorous industry, not tolerant of anything.

The earliest mobile phone cases did not have any color, that is, only the color of the square plastic, or the sprayed monochrome.

1. The color straight out of the plastic is mixed with the special color powder on the raw material, which can be understood as the product you mixed the pigment with the raw material and squeezed out.

2. The color achieved by spraying is on the same color material, you spray the color you like, this process is different from the previous injection color because the color of the spray is basically adjusted.

With the background color, do you want a little pattern?

How many types of patterns are added to this kind of colored shell?

First of all, it is divided into seven categories: silkscreen, pad printing, hot stamping, printing, water transfer, thermal transfer, imd.

Screen printing: Screen printing technology is actually the earliest technology used on plastics. This technology is really powerful. It can be done by hand or semi-automatically. It is very dependent on the hand of the master when it is hand-made. The screen printing is clear and color. Toning is accurate.

The highest technology of silk screen printing is multiple overprinting. It is to put multiple colors on the mobile phone case at a time, and use silk screen to express a complete cartoon pattern. At present, because of the cost of multiple overprinting and the efficiency of pure handwork, it can no longer be compared with those in the market, and it has gradually become an art.

The screen printing process seems to be simple, in fact, the process flow is like this, the bottom shell material is cleaned, colored coating (for coloring), drying, spraying color coating, drying, screen printing pattern, drying, spraying feel The cover is coated, dried, and finally air-dried for half a day to let the smell of spray paint dissipate as much as possible. The entire process takes about 2 days at the earliest before finally becoming a product that can be sold on the market.

Pad printing: The pad printing process is generally printing logo, using semi-automatic mechanical assistance.

Hot stamping: Hot stamping is a hot stamping process, which is rarely used now because the scratch resistance of hot stamping is not enough to be durable after electroplating laser carving. However, the electroplating process is still in the era of expensive processing costs. It is still dependent on this process to achieve the kind of golden characters or graphics on the mobile phone case.

Printing: The printing process is that there is no color on the edge, but the edge lines of the pattern can be three-dimensionally embossed. This is a unique feature of the printing process. In addition, the printing process relies on the accuracy and life of the nozzle.

Watermark: Water transfer technology, we are the earliest to realize multi-color mobile phone shell technology, this process is not only the mobile phone shell, the common helmets, vases, and stationery we used to use this process. During the period when the water transfer process was almost replaced by printing, the developers of the process developed a water transfer mobile phone case with a touch and a water transfer mobile phone case with a luminous feel, gradually turning part of the color shell market. Demand pulled back.