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The Technology Scope of Mobile Phone Case

Apr. 23, 2020

In fact, the technological scope of the mobile phone case can be said to be broadly outrageous. Today, I will briefly talk about some knowledge of the process of mobile phone cases.

Mirror phone cases supplier shares for you:

Spraying process

Spraying means spraying the surface. If you have a metal-like paint surface, you can use plastic to have a metallic feel, or you can spray a rubber-like paint surface, so you can have a skin-like feel. There are also some special sprays that are gradient sprays, with different colors sprayed on the top and bottom at the same time. In addition, a special chameleon spray, a special paint spray can see different textures from different angles, and piano paint spray, This requires UV equipment for processing, otherwise, the quality cannot be guaranteed. This spray coating actually covers the process with the most processing range, and out of the mobile phone case, in fact, anything can be achieved through spray coating to achieve some good aesthetics or protection effects. The surface of our car is painted.

Electroplating process

Electroplating is the electroplating process directly on the surface of the mobile phone shell. The processed mobile phone shell has a mirror texture. The initial plating is not mature. This is also related to the production of our small workshop. The surface is prone to scratches caused by dust. In fact, it is a non-dust-free workshop production problem. Later, the process processing experience is mature. You can perform a UC smooth oil seal treatment after electroplating. At this time, you can have a very bright mirror effect and scratch resistance. This process is in the early two The year is very hot. Now in the Tmall store is also a lot of shops selling. After electroplating, laser engraving can be processed a second time, and some designated patterns can be displayed on the back of the mobile phone case through hollowing, such as a customized logo phone case.

Carving process

The engraving process is divided into CNC fine engraving and laser engraving, the former can directly engrave a deep pit pattern, so that the mobile phone case has a strong concave and convex texture, this type is generally applied to thicker mobile phone cases, because only enough The thick mobile phone case is deep enough for CNC carving, and laser engraving only removes a thin layer of paint or electroplated layer on the surface. As mentioned in the previous electroplating process, it is generally a secondary process, separate It is not so good to make engraving products.

Transfer process

The transfer process is the type of cartoon color shell that you often see. This is generally produced by the transfer process, which is divided into thermal transfer and water transfer according to temperature. The ink is attached to the mobile phone case and then transferred to form a mobile phone case with a picture. The water transfer process is to use a water transfer paper to attach to the mobile phone case, and then spray the cover paint treatment. The cover painting can be The UV light oil has a shiny effect, or the rubber feel has a skin-like effect. The effect of the former will be better than the latter, but the texture of the latter will be better. It depends on the needs of customers.

Embossed Leather Mobile Shell

Embossed Leather Mobile Shell

Attachment process

The patching process is to stick diamonds, sticking those elf and small objects to the back of the phone case. When the fire starts, they usually stick those fake diamonds, the effect is very shining, and the seller will arrange different graphics through different colors of diamonds. Very creative, there is a plush doll on the back, and there is the kind of cream shell, which is a soft material with many colors, squeezed out like toothpaste and pasted on the back of the phone case, one night later It will dry out, and then the texture of the soft surface is still there. It looks like the cream. The effect of the resin doll is also very good.

Skinning process

The skinning process is actually to wrap a layer of leather on the basis of the phone case so that the phone case can have a high-end temperament like some leather goods, but in fact, this process is very simple, the highest requirement is the layer of leather material, such as the embossed leather mobile shell. In addition to the skin, this process can also be applied to cloth and velvet.

Printing process

The printing process is the hottest in recent years. It can directly print digital patterns on the mobile phone case through the nozzle. It does not need to open the printing screen to produce directly. The accuracy is getting higher and higher, the color is also greatly improved, and even the life of the nozzle It is several times longer than the earliest machine before. The earliest was modified by Epson. The nozzle life is up to 2 months. Now they are all Ricoh nozzles. The one-year life is the lowest. If they are well maintained, the life of the nozzle is longer. The biggest part.