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Types Of Screen Protective Film For Mobile Phones

Nov. 15, 2019

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Screen Protective Film

There are many kinds of mobile phone film screen protector. You can choose your own film according to your personal needs for screen film. It does not stick to your hands, high-speed exhaust, 10 thousand times of bubble washing without deterioration. It will remain yellow for three years in the environment of spontaneous combustion, no bubbles for more than 1000 times, and no residual glue left on the glass screen. Let's take a look at some common screen protectors for mobile phones:

Screen Protective Film

1: High definition anti scratch mobile phone film - in addition to its own function of preventing screen scratching, it makes the mobile phone screen clearer and brighter, and can improve the brightness and clarity of the mobile phone screen after film pasting.

2: High definition frosted mobile phone film - in addition to making the mobile phone screen clearer, it can resist reflection light, protect eyes, and clearly see the content of the mobile phone screen without adjusting the brightness of the screen in the sun. High definition frosted mobile phone film has small frosted particles, which can scatter light, reduce the direct light to the eyes, and protect the eyes.

3: mirror film - just as the name implies, the principle of mirror imaging is adopted. A layer of material is attached inside the mobile phone film to reflect the light. The mobile phone film has the function of mirror, which is more suitable for female friends who pursue beauty.

4: High penetration mobile phone film - the mobile phone film is ultra-thin, attached to the mobile phone screen, making the mobile phone screen clear.

5: Anti peek mobile phone film - the anti peek mobile phone film can see the content of the screen when viewed from the front, and can not completely see the content of the mobile phone screen when viewed from the side obliquely, and can only see a mass of black. The anti peek principle is mainly to use refraction light, the direct light from the front can not refract the eye, and the side light refracts a mass of black, to protect the privacy. The anti peek film mainly makes For business, subway, bus.

6: High definition anti-fingerprint - the latest high definition anti-fingerprint material, the surface is treated with special fine sanding, which integrates the permeability of high definition paste and the wear-resistant and anti-pollution of sanding paste! It has strong anti-reflection, anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint, anti-oil pollution ability, and has high permeability! Electrostatic vacuum adsorption technology, paste more easily, do not corrode the screen! It can maximally block the glare caused by the reflection of backlight or the glare derived from the strong light of the screen itself, effectively protect the eyes, resist ultraviolet rays and radiation.