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There are many kinds of mobile phone film

May. 06, 2019

There are many kinds of mobile phone film

There are many kinds of mobile phone film, Full Cover Tempered Glass wholesale China shares that you can also choose your own film according to your needs for screen film, the following are some common types.

High definition anti-scratch film - it has the function of preventing scratches on the screen, and can make the screen of the mobile phone clearer and brighter. The film can improve the clarity of the mobile phone screen.

High-definition matte film - this kind of film can resist the reflection of light, protect the eyes, in the sun without adjusting the brightness of the screen can see the contents of the phone screen. Hd matte film has fine matte particles, which can scatter light, reduce the direct light to the eyes, and play a role in protecting the eyes.

Mirror film -- just as its name implies is the principle of using mirror imaging, a layer of material is attached to the inner part of the mobile phone film, so that the light will reflect. The mobile phone film has the function of a mirror, which is more suitable for beautiful female friends.

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High transparency film -- it is an ultra-thin film for mobile phone, which is attached to the mobile phone screen to make it clearer.

Anti-peeping film -- the peeping film can see the contents of the screen on the front, while the contents of the mobile phone screen can be completely invisible when viewed from the side, which can play a role in protecting privacy. The anti-peeping film is mainly used in subway, bus, business and other occasions.

Hd anti-fingerprint - this kind of membrane surface through the special fine sanding treatment, the fusion of hd paste transparent and sanding paste wear-resistant antifouling! Good anti - glare, anti - scratch, anti - fingerprint, anti - oil ability.

After see the above introduction, should have a basic understanding of the protective film, in fact, we usually use high permeability film and frosted film is enough, and high anti-fingerprint film is also a very good choice, as for the anti-peeping film, mirror film on the individual needs!

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