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Which Is The Best Phone Tempered Film And Water-Cured Film?

Jan. 02, 2020

Nowadays, the price of our mobile phones is much higher than before. One of the increases in the cost of mobile phones is the screen in the mobile phone. In addition to the better display quality of the mobile phone, there is also a more expensive mobile phone screen. The maintenance cost, especially the curved screen of Samsung mobile phones, repairing a mobile phone screen directly allows you to buy another ordinary mobile phone. Generally speaking, the mobile phone experience is now up, but the mobile phone repair cost is also up. . Therefore, after purchasing a mobile phone, we often screen protect our mobile phones. Protecting the body of the mobile phone case is a common operation, and it is also normal to apply a film to the mobile phone. There are many mobile phone films on the market today. The common ones are toughened films, and the recent popular water-coagulation films. So which one is better? Phone tempered glass supplier to share with you:

2.5d Screen Protector

2.5d Screen Protector

First: tempered film

The material of the tempered glass is tempered glass. The quality of tempered glass made in China is still very good. Most users should have a deep experience, so many users who want to protect their mobile phone screen will give their own mobile A tempered film is attached, and the price of a tempered film is relatively low, generally around five or ten, the price is not very high and the quality is also very high, so many consumers are willing to Phone with a toughened film. Tempered film is divided into full coverage and non-full coverage. Most current mobile phones use 2.5D Screen protector edge fitting parts. Non-comprehensive coverage is made of all-glass material, which affects the aesthetics of mobile phones. Few people choose it. Because glass does not bend, Full cover screen protector factory china will use tempered glass in the middle of the full-cover film and plastic materials at the edges.

We all know that the surface smoothness of general rubber and plastic is not enough, and the surface smoothness of the hydrogel itself is also not enough. If we use a low-quality hydrogel, we will find that the mobile phone screen is very smooth when sliding. Yes, because a good hydrogel film will add an extra layer of lubricant to the surface, while a poor hydrogel film does not have this extra coating.

At the same time, compared with the previous ordinary soft film, the tempered film is easier to attach to the smartphone. As long as the screen of the mobile phone is wiped clean, the tempered film is aligned with the screen of the mobile phone and placed directly on it. Users can save the cost of filming by businesses, and they can complete the filming themselves.

The provinces and autonomous regions allow businesses to pay for the film, and they can complete the film themselves.

The second: hydrogel

This material is different from the above and the material of the mobile phone film. It uses a thinner TPU silicone, so it is much better than the tempered film in terms of flexibility and thickness, and has relatively strong ductility. The biggest advantage of the film is that it has the bending ability that the tempered film can not have, it is super friendly to curved screens and completely eliminates white edges.

Moreover, the hydrogel has the plasticity and toughness (or elasticity) that ordinary soft membranes do not have, including Vivo XPlay6 and Honor Magic's four-curved and eight-curved phones. Envelop, this is far less than other films.

It also has a small scratch repair function. This selling point evolved from the invisible jerseys of that year. Most of them exist in high-end invisible jerseys. When there are a few scratches on the jerseys, use hot water to burn them and the scratches will disappear. Soften and speed up the repair process, it will make some small scratches soften and disappear by themselves.

But the advantage of the hydrogel is also its disadvantage.

Compared with the soft film, the texture is softer. Even if the high-grade water-cured film has the ability to repair scratches, it is more resistant to scratches than the soft film. Sunlight will appear after a few weeks of moderate use.

And the light transmittance is much lower than the soft film that most mobile phones come with. If the selling point of the mobile phone you buy is the screen display effect, then the paste film is really wasted.

Summary: In fact, these two films still have their own advantages and disadvantages, depending on whether users can accept these disadvantages.